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Online Mortgage Quote

Online Mortgage Quote

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... ing each of the great geological epochs. [101] This is opposed to geological evidence." "'Not proven' is the verdict which most geologists would return." "The confidence with which Croll's theory was first received has been a good deal shaken." "We have to loan


mortgage online fall back, therefore, on the geological evidence of deposition and denudation ... in any attempt to decide between the online mortgage quote 200,000 years of Lyell and the 20,000 years of Prestwich." [102] As to his arguments based on ancient human remains, their value depends first on the accuracy of his geological conclusions, and then on preclusion of online mortgage quote all possibility of the conveyance of the remains from upper strata to lower; on the online mortgage quote certainty, moreover, of traces of design in many of the would-be miocene or tertiary flint instruments (which Prestwich is doubtful about).[103] He takes care not to tell us that the Carstadt skull which gives name to a race, is a very doubtfully genuine relic of one hundred and thirty years old, whose history is most dubious. His evidence for the absence of the slightest approximation to the simian type even in the oldest relics is cheering to the theologian, though it loses its value when we know it is in the interests of his foregone conclusions as to the unspeakable antiquity of man.

The Nampe image, the

online mortgage quote

oldest relic yet discovered, "revolutionizes our conception of this early palaeolithic age," being a "more artistic and better representation of the human form than the little idols of many comparatively modern and civilized people," very like those in online mortgage quote Mexico, "believed to be not much older than the date of the business insurance quote Spanish conquest"--"and in truth, I believe, contemporaneous." [104] As to his treatment of the Bible, it evinces everywhere the crudest anthropomorphic method SecondPart400-500 of interpretation such as we should expect to find in a child or very ignorant person. In truth, Mr. Laing is in a perfectly childish

online mortgage quote

state of mind both as regards the Christian religion and as online mortgage quote regards philosophy, sciences, and all the subjects he dabbles with. For our own part we have at most a general idea as to what exactly the Church does teach or may teach with regard to the interpretation of the Scripture.

That she SecondPart400-500 has so far acquiesced mortgage online quote in the larger interpretation of Genesiacal cosmogony, that now the literal six-day theory would be very unsafe, forbids us to judge any present interpretation of other parts by the number, noise, or notoriety of its adherents.

The universality of the Deluge is by no means the only tolerable interpretation now; though the doctrine of a partial deluge would have been most unsafe a century ago.

All this does not mean giving up the inspiration of the record, but determining gradually what is meant by inspiration and the record.

What could be less important to Christian dogma than online mortgage quote the date of the Deluge or of Adam's creation? If it were proved that the original text _in this point_ had been hopelessly corrupted, as the discrepancies between the LXX. numbers and the Hebrew hint to be true to some extent, it online mortgage loan mortgage quote">online mortgage quote would not touch the guaranteed integrity of car free insurance online quote Christian dogma. If Christ is the "son" of David, and Zachaeus is "son" of Abraham, what period may online mortgage quote not an apparent single generat ...

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