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Home Loan Mortgage Rate

Home Loan Mortgage Rate

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ore, but fewer assumptions), cannot allow the sun a past existence of more than 15,000,000 years. [91] "It is evident that there must be some fundamental error on home mortgage loan rate one side or the other," [92] "for the laws of nature are uniform, and there cannot be one code for astronomers, and one for geologists." But while modestly relegating this slight divergency among the SecondPart400-500 "bell-wethers of science" (bell-wethers, I presume, because the crowd follow them like sheep), to the "problems of the future," Mr. Laing is quite confident that we should "distrust these mathematical calculations," and rely on conclusions based on _ascertained facts_ and undoubted deductions from them, rather than on abstract and doubtful theories, "which would so reduce geological time as to negative the idea of uniformity of law and evolution, and introduce once more the chaos of catastrophes and mortgage loan lead supernatural interferences."[93] As regards the ice-age, Mr.

Laing is professedly interested in putting it as far back as possible, since "a short date for that period shortens that for which we have positive proof of the existence of man, and ... a very short date ... brings us back to the old theories of repeated and recent acts of supernatural interference." [94] Strange, that in the same page he should refer to Sir home loan mortgage rate J.

Dawson as an "extreme instance" of one who

home loan mortgage rate

approaches the question with "theological prepossessions;" and of course in complete ignorance home loan mortgage rate of Mr. Laing's indubitable conclusions about the antiquity of Egyptian civilization.

Unfortunately, even the best scientists have not that perfect freedom from bias, which gives Mr.

Laing such a towering advantage over them all.

"An authority like Prestwich," who "cannot be accused of theological bias," influenced, however, home loan mortgage rate by a servile astronomical bias, "reduces to 20,000 years a period to which Lyell and modern SecondPart400-500 geologists assign a home loan mortgage rate duration of more than home loan mortgage rate 200,000 years;" [95] which "shows in what a state of uncertainty we are as to this vitally important problem;" for this home loan mortgage rate time assigned by Prestwich "would be clearly insufficient to allow for the development of Egyptian civilization, as it existed 5,000 years ago, from savage and home loan mortgage rate semi-animal ancestors; as is _proved_ to be the case with the horse, stag, elephant, ape," and so on.

[96] Now Prestwich, we are told elsewhere, is "the first living authority on the tertiary and quaternary strata." [97] If, then, astronomical prepossession can reduce 200,000 to 20,000 years, the sin of theology, which reduces 20,000 to 7,000 is comparatively venial. Prestwich's two objections are (1) the home loan mortgage rate data of astronomy, and (2) "the difficulty of conceiving that man could have existed for 80,000 or 100,000 years without change and without progress." The former is "only one degree less mischievous than the theological prepossession." However, Prestwich has some "facts" as well as prepossessions, such as "the rapid advance of the glaciers of Greenland,"[98] which does not accord with the generalization from the Swiss glaciers;[99] and the quicker erosion of river valleys, due to a greater rainfall; facts which, however, are met by "a _minute description_ of the successive changes by which in post-glacial time the Mersey valley and estuary were brought into their mortgage loan lead present condition, with an estimate of the time they may home


loan mortgage rate have required;" which is "in round numbers 60,000 years," as opposed to Prestwich's 10,000 or 8,000. [100] The 200,000 years for the ice-age depends chiefly on Croll's theory of secular variation of the earth's orbitular eccentricity; but we are told it is open to the "objection that it requires us to assume a periodical succession of glacial epochs" of which two or three "must have occurred during each of the great geological epochs. [101] This is opposed to geological evidence." "'Not proven' is the verdict which most geologists would return." "The confidence with which Croll's mortgage rate comparison theory was first received has been a good deal shaken." "We have to fall comparison mortgage rate back, therefore, on the geological evidence of deposition and denudation ... in any attempt to decide between the 200,000 years of Lyell and the 20,000 years of Prestwich." [102] As to his arguments based on ancient human remains, their value depends first on the accuracy of his geological conclusions, and then on preclusion of all possibility of the conveyance of the remains from upper strata to lower; on the certainty, moreover, of traces of design in many of the would-be miocene or tertiary flint instruments (which Prestwich is doubtful about).[103] He takes care not to tell us that the Carstadt skull which gives name to a race, is a very doubtfully genuine relic of o ...

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